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  • WordPress is the most popular content management platform for a good reason.
  • Great flexibility, scalability, easy maintenance & sophisticated search engine optimisation capabilities make it the business-grade choice for large enterprises as well as small to medium-sized businesses.

Set Up & Management

  • We are experienced & have the right know-how to build, install & manage WordPress websites for a large variety of business applications ranging from standard online presences to e-commerce solutions.
  • As our clients are unique, they deserve a tailored solution to maximise performance.
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Awesome SEO

  • Facilitating the great SEO capabilities of WordPress, we use our experience and knowledge of best practices to optimise your website resulting in great positioning in search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo!

Updates Made Easy!

  • We can take care of managing the technical aspects of your site such as WordPress updates, fixes & security releases.
  • In addition to that our Website Management Plans give you the freedom to either email us website updates or you can log into your site and apply updates yourself. Easy!

WordPress Development Is What We Do

We deliver state-of-the-art WordPress web design services for the Coffs Harbour region. Knowing the WordPress platform inside-out and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends & developments, we cater for businesses of all sizes along the Coffs Coast.







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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the world’s most popular platform for creating websites and blogs, powering over 43.3% of all websites. It’s an open-source content management system (CMS) licensed under GPLv2. This allows anyone to use or modify the software for free. Moreover, WordPress makes managing website content easy without requiring programming knowledge. So it’s accessible to non-developers too. Rest assured, WordPress is an excellent choice for building various types of websites, including blogs and eCommerce stores.

Here at F1RST we use WordPress as our preferred content management system. We offer:

  • State of the Art Web Design
  • Research & Professional Copywriting *1
  • Digitising & Optimising all Media
  • Comprehensive On-Site SEO
  • Responsive Design
  • Assistance with Content Writing
  • Site Structure with Your Customer in Mind

In the past, WordPress was primarily used for creating blogs, but it has evolved over time. Nowadays, with updates to the core code and a vast ecosystem of plugins and themes, WordPress is used for all kinds of websites, including:

  • Business websites
  • eCommerce stores
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes
  • Forums
  • Social networks
  • Membership sites

With WordPress, you can build almost any website you can imagine., also known as self-hosted WordPress, is free, open-source software that can be installed on your web host, giving you complete control over your website. On the other hand, is a paid, for-profit service powered by software, offering a more straightforward user experience but with less flexibility.

Typically, when people refer to “WordPress,” they mean the self-hosted version available at To truly own your website, self-hosted is the best option. You only need a WordPress hosting service and a domain name to get started. Self-hosted is the preferred choice for building a website, as it provides greater ownership and access to the benefits of the WordPress community.

F1RST can take care of the following:

  • Domain Registration and Renewal
  • Lightning-fast Google Cloud Web Hosting
  • Prioritised Service
  • We handle the setup and maintenance of all WordPress site-related aspects.

WordPress is utilised by diverse users, from individuals to large businesses and everyone in between. In fact, this very site you’re currently viewing is powered by WordPress. Many well-known entities also rely on WordPress for their websites, including The Whitehouse, Microsoft and The Rolling Stones!

There are numerous reasons to choose WordPress for your website, irespective of the type of site you want to create. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Free and Open Source: WordPress is free, open-source software. While hosting requires a small fee, using the WordPress software is free, unlike alternatives like Squarespace. Additionally, many open-source plugins and themes are available to customise your site.
  2. Extensible: WordPress offers a vast ecosystem of themes and plugins, allowing you to effortlessly modify your site’s appearance and functionality. With over 50,000 free plugins and 5,000 free themes, you have plenty of options to choose from.
  3. Flexible: WordPress allows you to create and adapt any website as your needs change. Adding features like forums or social networks is simple with plugins like bbPress and BuddyPress.
  4. Easy to Find Help: Due to its popularity, it’s easy to find support for WordPress through blogs, tutorials, forums, Facebook groups, and developers. You can access free and paid help when needed, ensuring you have the required assistance.

WordPress is a perfect choice for creating a website due to its flexibility, extensibility, and availability of support resources. Plus, of course, our team at F1RST will support you all the way with phone and email support, customised video tutorials, and troubleshooting from our end.

To optimise and enhance the speed of your WordPress website, consider implementing the following strategies:

  1. Enable WordPress caching
  2. Upgrade your PHP
  3. Invest in better hosting
  4. Select a high-quality theme
  5. Manage your plugins effectively
  6. Optimise images
  7. Clean up your database
  8. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

F1RST can take care of:

  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Lightning-fast Google Cloud hosting
  • Top of the line speed optimisation
  • Image and media optimisation

To maintain the security of your website, follow these simple steps:

  1. Use strong passwords for accounts.
  2. Create backups for your WordPress website.
  3. Update your WordPress installation, themes, and plugins (test updates on a localhost installation or staging site first). Replace themes or plugins that haven’t been updated in a few years.
  4. Avoid installing illegal downloads of premium themes and plugins, as they often contain malicious code (viruses, spam, hacker backdoors, etc.).
  5. Use plugins and themes only from trustworthy websites. Avoid downloading from forums or third-party sharing sites (torrents). Verify a website’s trustworthiness by checking customer reviews, item ratings, and social accounts.
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