Coffs Harbour based Website Recovery

Website Recovery & Restoration

  • In the unfortunate event of a website being compromised or destroyed by a hacker or if unforeseen data loss occurs, we can restore the integrity of your site and recover your content.
  • Because every scenario is different, we provide custom quotes before initiating any website recovery.

Cleaning Out Hacked Websites

  • If hackers, spambots or other cybercriminals gain access to your website, they will try to promote their sinister intentions to gain influence or create illegal income.
  • As part of a professional website recovery, our experienced technicians can contain the effects of being under attack, isolate the rogue files and then thoroughly clean out your website to restore site health.
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Increasing Security After Website Recovery In Coffs Harbour

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Increase Security

  • To stop recovered websites from being re-infected or to prevent security incidences from occurring in the first place, it is a best practice to perform an overall hardening of your website’s security setup.
  • Effective access control, the elimination of known vulnerabilities and regular security updates are the pillars of a sound security strategy.

Online Reputation Management

  • A hacked website does not go unnoticed by search engines and they will try to steer their audience away from compromised sites.
  • The resulting warning messages, demoted rankings or a complete removal have a major impact on your site’s performance.
  • After successful website recovery, we connect with the search engines, request a review and completely restore the online reputation of your site.

Website Recovery Is What We Do

We provide the Coffs Harbour region with website recovery services for hacked or malware-infected sites. We also rescue misconfigured or deleted sites, even if back-ups were not working. When others run out of options, our experienced website security technicians have the knowledge and tools at their disposal to provide relief.







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