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Is Your Coffs Business Website Covid-19 Ready?

Is Your Coffs Business Website COVID-19 Ready?

The world as we know it has changed dramatically over the past months and our beloved Coffs Harbour is no exception. However, there is a time limit to these extraordinary circumstances and a return to normal or possibly a ‘new normal’ is on the horizon. In the meantime, we all…
10 Lesser Known Facts About A Web Designer

10 Lesser Known Facts About Web Designers

A web designer is an expert in HTML, CSS, SEO, graphic design and website usability. They don’t just create websites; they create art. Web designers take the ideas of their clients and transform them into stylish, eye-catching, perfectly working sites. They do all this while following strict coding principles. 10…
People Engaged with High Quality Website

5 Key Aspects Of A High Quality Website

Nearly anyone can put together a website these days – but is it a quality website? We come across many Coffs Harbour businesses who attempted to design their own website or a relative’s son who knows a bit about “computers” gave it a go. Others paid considerable amounts to “techies”…