Social Media Management in Coffs Harbour

Channel Setup

  • Our Social Media Management team are experts at setting up and managing social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Whether launching fresh accounts or fine-tuning existing ones, we ensure your branding remains consistent and your business message is coherent across all platforms.

Social Media Managers

  • Social Media Success isn’t just about posting content and interacting with followers. To get really great results requires skills such as Adaptability, Organisation, Creativity, Curiosity, and Critical Thinking.
  • With these awesome attributes, our Social Media Managers connect with your audience, manage your social profiles, craft engaging content, and oversee your social media calendar. You will always be in the loop, informed and updated on your progress and projections.
Professional Coffs Harbour Social Media Management

Broaden Your Audience

Social Media teems with potential customers. Moreover, Social Media Management creates benefits such as easier access to your business, interactive content and widespread visibility.

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Let’s get Social

Join us on this journey! Contact us today and make it happen for your business.

Growing Your Following

  • We understand that each brand has a unique target audience. Our strategy is two-fold: we strengthen your existing connections while locating and acquiring new followers.
  • We run coordinated social media campaigns that broaden your reach and elevate your business’ popularity among existing and new audiences.

Social Media Ads

  • Social Media Ads are essential to shape your online influence and reach. Our team expertly creates and manages paid social media ad campaigns tailored to your business, considering your budgets and aiming for great Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Our ad campaigns result in immediate exposure for your business to a large targeted audience, supercharging your visibility.

Social Media Management is What We Do

The management of Social Media is not just an offering – it’s at the heart of what we do. We thrive on helping businesses establish their digital presence and maximise their growth potential in the online world. Moreover, your success is our success, and we aim to make every post, like, share, and tweet count towards that outcome.







Client Feedback

Frequently Asked Social Media Marketing Questions

Let’s chat! Our streamlined onboarding process includes a questionnaire that lets us understand your business and what you do. We use this for a kick-off call via Zoom or in person.

We use your questionnaire and onboarding session to devise a 3-, 6- or 12-month plan. Our questions are strategic and help us create this with ease.

Think of it as your content map. It will have post specifics, timings, images, graphics and anything else we need to make it awesome! Plus, we’ll ensure your branding is upfront and consistent throughout your campaign.

No problem! We’ll pick the best platforms that suit your business and set everything up for you.

It’s all about your brand’s style, image and direction —from showcasing products to behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. Plus, we’ll create different content types that suit your strategy and the platforms you are working with. For example – TikTok is entirely video-orientated, whereas LinkedIn is more static.

We will need one hour of your time per month to share stories about your business and any offers you have coming up. We will require you to review and sign off on the work we produce.

Easy, we’ll send you a Google Drive or OneDrive link where you’ll upload your content.

We use Facebook Scheduling Tools for Meta accounts and request access to LinkedIn profiles. This allows you access to your work at all times.

We post to your accounts 3 times per week – ensuring you turn up consistently and on brand.

Absolutely, you have complete control over your accounts.

Content planning for each month begins two weeks prior. This allows ample time to create and schedule posts.

We set targets and compare the results from the platform reporting tools. We’ll deliver monthly reports to your inbox. From here, we can discuss making changes as and when required.

We handle negative comments carefully and respond formally, usually directing the user to your customer service team. Alternatively, we can alert you of the comment and discuss the best response before commenting.

Boosting posts can enhance advertising reach, increase brand exposure, and accelerate social media growth.

It’s where the customers are! Billions of potential customers are waiting to hear your brand’s voice.

As experts in social media management, we’ll keep your socials buzzing while you focus on your business.

Of course, feel free to jump in any time.

The social media platforms we work with are Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram & X (Twitter).

Choose the platform where your target audience is. Then work that one and work it well!

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