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Local SEO Strategy

  • Let’s get together and talk about local SEO for your business, its products and services. We can develop an SEO strategy to help your business stand out from your competitors.
  • We’ll work with you and perform local competitor analysis to identify who they target, how they’re doing it, and how you can do better.
  • We understand the Coffs Coast local business landscape. After all, our team lives and works here too!
  • We aim to establish your business as a local authority in your field/niche.

Google My Business

  • GMB is a powerful local SEO channel. We ensure GMB optimisation with the correct information, compelling content and media.
  • We provide ongoing GMB management and updates.
  • We’ll show you how to boost your GMB with genuine 5-star ratings and positive comments.
  • Talk to us about including 360° Virtual Tours in your GMB & Google Street View.
Local SEO Clients At Their Coffs Harbour Office

Engage with Coffs Locals

Experience greater visibility in local searches. Boost your brand’s exposure on Google, Social Media and with Local Newsletters.

Coffs Harbour Local Businesses Choose F1RST For Local SEO

Start Winning Locally

Become the local ‘go-to business’ for your expertise or products. Contact F1RST today, and let’s get the ball rolling.

Be Locally Relevant

  • Search Engine Optimised website content for locals with local photography and videography
  • Locally relevant content marketing strategy (Blog Articles, Social Media Posts)
  • Be found online by locals by being listed in online directories that matter and increase Google’s trust in your business with high-quality citations.

Local Networking

  • Cross Promotion Opportunities through our Coffs Coast local business network
  • More exposure for your business through Local Blog Article syndication, Coffs Local website partnerships and our sizeable local newsletter audience.

Local SEO is what we do

We are a local Coffs-based business, and we’ve worked with Coffs businesses since 2007. Our clients know we work hard to help them achieve their goals. With this in mind, we believe directing resources to a Local SEO strategy may be one of the most crucial decisions you can make.







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Frequently Asked Local SEO Questions

Local SEO stands for local search engine optimisation. It means enhancing a business’s online visibility for local searches. It’s all about digital visibility for your local consumers.

Local SEO is essential for businesses with a physical location or those serving a specific geographic area. If you want your local business to dominate in search results, you need local SEO.

Local SEO works when Google and other search engines scour the web for information about your business from your website, Google Business Profile, business directories, customer reviews, and more. If each source is optimised for local results, then when a relevant local search is performed, Google will respond with your business information.

Yes, definitely! Since you are a local business, we can create local media such as photographs, videos, and virtual tours that contain your specific (geo-tagged) location information. This geo-tagging will further enhance your local relevance. Moreover, it provides Google staff and algorithms with more ways to cross-reference your information. Therefore, your data will be considered more valuable, providing Google searchers with useful local information.

Absolutely. When properly optimised, local SEO enables your business to appear in the Google local packs, Google business profiles, Google Maps, Google organic results, and more.

Google business profiles are critical. They essentially serve as your business’s digital storefront, providing crucial business details, including your location, to potential customers and impacting your Google visibility.

Yes, you can undertake Local SEO yourself. However, it requires a substantial investment in learning, time, and effort. Ultimately, to maximise results and visibility, it’s advisable to hire local SEO professionals.

For search engines and your customers to cut through the noise of thousands of websites and listings, it is good to engage in activities that only you can do as a local business to prove your existence and legitimacy. We can use your business’s local postal address, phone number, business registration, local availability, and premises to validate your information online. Ultimately, verified and accurate data creates more trust with search engines and your audience, resulting in better online performance.

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