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  • We can take care of all your Email, calendar & contact management needs with Microsoft’s Online Exchange Email solutions.
  • Peace of mind reliability, effortless syncing across all of your devices and abundant storage are just some of the many benefits this enterprise-grade option has to offer.

Budget-Friendly Email

  • All of our Email solutions can be set up under your business’ domain (e.g. which provides great brand consistency and enhances your company’s image.
  • Our experienced technicians are equipped to migrate your mailboxes from other providers to our servers without any downtime.
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Email Setup & Migration

  • All of our Email solutions can be set up under your business’ domain (e.g. which provides great brand consistency and enhances your company’s image.
  • Our experienced technicians are equipped to migrate your mailboxes from other providers to our servers without any downtime.

Ongoing Email Support

  • We provide ongoing care for the lifetime of your email solutions.
  • With changing business needs we support our clients by being able to scale and adjust solutions.
  • We also provide technical support, troubleshooting and advice for any device setup.

Email Solutions Is What We Do

Our business-grade and budget-friendly Email solutions provide Coffs Coast businesses with reliable and flexible options that easily evolve with changing needs. Setup and ongoing support by our experienced technicians ensure smooth and effective operations.







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Frequently Asked Email Solutions Questions

Yes, but the resulting cost to your business, in most cases, outweighs the cost of professional email hosting.

Although setting up a free email account is easy, there are disadvantages—things like ads in your emails and the harvesting of your personal information. Popular free email accounts include Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. They all provide an interface to access your email.

The drawbacks of free email are clear: branding your domain name is impossible, as you’re essentially advertising your email service provider (e.g. with each message you send. Furthermore, you are limited in the services you receive compared to paid email services. Privacy is also a concern, as your personal information may be sold or traded without your knowledge. Additionally, your service may not be dependable; check the terms of service of your provider to make sure they are available when you need them. Furthermore, you may be limited in the size of emails and attachments you can send or receive, and your storage space may be limited. Lastly, you do not own your email address and data and will be subjected to frequent ads.

The advantages of a paid Microsoft 365 email account are numerous and include:

  • A branded email address with your domain name (e.g.
  • Emails are always accessible, with backups included and no dependence on web hosting
  • Ability to view emails from multiple devices, with full syncing for contacts, calendars, and data
  • Customisable inbox with folders for organising and personalising your mailbox
  • Out-of-office reply to notify colleagues and clients of unavailable times
  • Threat elimination with anti-virus, anti-spam and phishing protection
  • Licensing on a per-user basis
  • Larger mailbox capacity than free services
  • Regular software updates
  • No need to maintain on-site hardware with Cloud migration
  • Access to Microsoft Office and Outlook
  • Increased trust in emails and fewer that end up in spam folders
  • The trust in the emails you send will be much higher, and fewer (almost none) of your emails will go to the recipient’s spam folder.
  • Setup is super easy – only your email address and password are needed. Your email app will look up all other settings automatically. It can save hours of time and headaches!

Want to take the headache out of Email Hosting? Are you looking for a business-class solution that’s powerful, reliable and can adapt to your business’s unique requirements? Then, look no further than Office 365 Exchange Online. Here’s why it’s the top choice:

  • High-Performance: Enjoy an uptime that’s second to none thanks to Microsoft’s team of highly paid and well-educated server technicians and security experts.
  • Reliable and Secure: Protect your data and maintain compliance with GDPR.
  • Access from Anywhere: Connect to email, calendar and contacts from any authorised device.
  • Time-Saving: Concentrate on what you do best — running your business — and let Office 365 Exchange Online take care of your email.
  • Trusted Provider: F1RST has had no issues with Office 365 Exchange Online’s uptime or performance over the past 16 years.

Take advantage of 50GB of storage per mailbox with Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online. Ensure your employees can easily remain productive with a large inbox and archiving option. Furthermore, Exchange allows for flexible and powerful retention policies, so you can guarantee essential emails are not lost or forgotten. Let Exchange Online help keep your organisation on track.

Everyone understands the risks that email-borne threats such as spam, phishing, and viruses pose to any organisation. Exchange helps keep your people safe by deploying strong defences against these risks. Its multiple layers of spam and phishing filters and multiple anti-malware engines shield your organisation from malicious emails. Best of all, these defences are frequently updated, so you’ll stay ahead of the latest threats before they even enter your inbox.

In addition, we can implement features to keep your account secure (e.g. through multi-factor authentication, which makes it 99.9% less likely for your account to be accessed by an unauthorised party), and we can significantly reduce the likelihood of bad actors (hackers, scammers) trying to impersonate you by sending emails with your email address.

Exchange and Outlook working together provide a power-packed punch for businesses looking to optimise their productivity. Exchange boosts collaboration and teamwork through its messaging capabilities, while SharePoint ensures documents are always stored where everyone can access the same version. In addition, with a tidy, clutter-free inbox accessible from any device, your employees can truly maximise their productivity. In short, integrating these two services will put your business in the best position to flourish.

Exchange allows your team to bring all their contact information together. It will even proactively create a single contact card. So, no more duplication. Furthermore, all emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes are synced across devices (whether at work, at home or out on your mobile), and you can also share these with selected co-workers & collaborators.

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