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E-Commerce Security

  • Through industry standard SSL encryption, hardened WordPress installations and the use of best practices we make sure that your e-commerce setup provides security for you and your customers.
  • Our business-grade backup solutions offer additional peace of mind.

E-Commerce Customisation

  • We are using industry-leading solutions such as WooCommerce & Woo Bookings for WordPress which are highly customisable & flexible.
  • We ensure we provide our clients with tailored solutions that maximise their e-commerce potential on all devices including mobiles.
Continuous E-Commerce Support For Coffs Harbour Clients

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Continuous Support

  • Unlike other web design companies, we deliver ongoing support & updates though our Website Management Plans which provide unrivalled value at a low monthly fee.
  • This arrangement is ideal to run coordinated promotional campaigns and ensure that you stay in control of your online business.

Payment Gateways

  • Our clients are unique and require individualised solutions to get paid through their e-commerce website.
  • We offer the integration of virtually all payment gateway solutions such as PayPal, all major Australian banks, other online payment providers and we also support traditional payment options.

E-Commerce Solutions Is What We Do

We implement Coffs Harbour e-commerce website design solutions with a difference. With tailored, sophisticated & secure online shop solutions we cater for businesses of all sizes along the Coffs Coast.







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Frequently Asked E-Commerce Questions

We have been building e-commerce websites for over 15 years. Consequently, we are experienced in setting up and providing ongoing support for all online stores. Stores include physical products, digital products, memberships and subscriptions, online bookings and ticketing, donations, food ordering, equipment rentals and accommodation bookings. You can find some recent e-commerce projects in our online portfolio.

Yes, all the online store solutions we create are designed responsively. Therefore, they are mobile-friendly and fully optimised. Also, they integrate seamlessly with our client’s websites, creating a coherent online presence.

Seamless integration with other sections of your website is an excellent start. This way, we can leverage the search engine optimisation of your entire website. Furthermore, we encourage and facilitate an abundance mentality when providing relevant information for your products and services, as quality content makes a big difference for SEO. Finally, all media used to promote and further enhance your online offering will be thoroughly optimised in terms of technical and keyword SEO.

We will design and develop your e-commerce store on a staging server. Consequently, you can preview and test-drive different stages of your e-commerce website while we build it. Feedback is always welcome, and we can fine-tune the setup along the way. This way, you and your customers can enjoy the best user experience possible.

Yes, our e-commerce framework caters for businesses of all sizes and is set up in a way that easily adjusts to changing demands.

We leverage the best of both approaches with a solid foundation of the de-facto industry standard e-commerce framework WooCommerce. With 1000s of ready-available plugins, WooCommerce can easily be extended and customised in terms of functionality and features. In addition, we also custom-code customisations to enhance the customer experience and online shopping facilities.

E-commerce SEO uses all the usual SEO strategies but focuses on optimising product and category pages.

To help customers find your online store, you should work on both on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is all about improving things on your website to boost your search rankings. This includes using the right keywords in your content and ensuring your website’s structure is easy to navigate. Off-page SEO, on the other hand, involves activities outside your website, like getting other reputable websites to link to your site. Using both approaches will give you the best shot at gaining more visitors to your store.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): This is the foundation for gaining organic visibility in search results. So, optimise your site’s content, from text to multimedia, and ensure everything loads quickly for a smooth user experience and even better ranking. Remember too that Google likes websites that are continually updated and will downrank sites that are considered dormant. One way to do this, and is very effective in our experience, is to include regular blog articles, say, one per month.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great for building strong customer relations. The reach of these platforms is enormous. Plus, they support paid advertising so you can target certain groups and locations to enhance your exposure. Bear in mind that Social Media campaigns need careful attention, you’ll need to allow time to respond to comments and create reasonable content.

Pay-per-click (PPC): PPC allows you to appear in the top ad spaces on search engines for relevant queries. This method can dramatically increase visibility and direct traffic to your site. You set a budget and only pay when clicked.

We are with you through the entire life cycle of your e-commerce website. As part of our Website Management Plans, we provide ongoing training and support, updates and further customisations and can assist with all online store-related matters. The overall aim is to put you in the driver’s seat to be able to handle and fulfil your online orders. Rest assured, our solutions are intuitive and easy to use. However, we can also provide customised video tutorials to assist you and your staff in handling the tasks required to manage an online store.

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