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  • Your digital marketing mix needs to be tailored to specifically suit your business.
  • We utilise traditional digital strategies that are proven to work and we harness cutting-edge technology to further promote your company’s success.

Digital Strategy

  • We can provide you with a roadmap for your digital marketing efforts that will get you to where you envision yourself to be.
  • With two decades of experience, we know what it takes to position your brand effectively and to find the sweet spot for your advertising dollar and the optimal return of investment.
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Website Audit

  • Analysing your website thoroughly allows us to take an in-depth look at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in regards to your online presence.
  • We can deliver findings as screen capture video presentations, via online meetings or in person depending on your availability and location.

Measuring Results

  • Digital marketing has the great benefit of being measurable and therefore quantifiable.
  • We can track results, test alternatives & optimise strategies accordingly.
  • The use of state-of-the-art analytics provides valuable insights to your target demographic and you are in the driver seat to manage your advertising budget.

Digital Marketing Is What We Do

We provide digital marketing consulting to Coffs Coast businesses of all sizes and a multitude of industries. With two decades of experience & a proven track record, we tailor solutions that can take your business to the next level.







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Frequently Asked Digital Marketing Questions

Digital marketing is marketing to potential customers online via computers, tablets, and smartphones. Moreover, digital marketing focuses on search engines, email, social media, apps and websites.

Absolutely. A digital marketing campaign will connect you with your target customers, build brand awareness, and quickly get results.

Content marketing involves the production of online content that is informative and entertaining, and that is not explicitly advertising. Instead, it’s a way to create brand awareness.

If you don’t make regular changes to your website, Google may consider it dormant. Consequently, it may be downranked.

Creating regular blog posts based on essential subjects and keywords for your business is a fantastic way to increase traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ensuring content is created in a way that is ranked well by Google. Simply put, SEO achieves better ranking.

Local SEO is a way of optimising content to gain traffic from specific locations.

Social media is an excellent way to engage directly with potential customers. The top channels are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. To start, consider connecting your website blog posts to appear on your company’s Facebook or Instagram automatically.

Yes! Video is the most popular way for customers to obtain the information they want. Digital video is relatively inexpensive and quick to make. Plus, it can be posted across multiple platforms.

A professional copywriter, or content writer, will optimise your written content to ensure it achieves the best reach. Furthermore, well-written content is more engaging, higher ranking and inspires action.

AI is versatile and capable of automating some marketing tasks and workflows. Nevertheless, it’s not a substitute for human marketers. Moreover, AI’s application in marketing principally amplifies human abilities, optimising efficiency. For marketing, human creativity, strategic direction, and intuition are unbeatable.

On-page SEO relates to actions you undertake on your own webpage – crafting content, back-end adjustment, meta tags, and more fall under this. You have less control over Off-Page SEO, which is about the activities off your webpage that link back to your website. Off-Page could include domain authority, backlinks, and other key factors.

Conventionally, businesses should aim to generate new blog content at least once a month. Maintaining an updated web presence with relevant and novel information appeals to search engines. Plus, significant news and updates should be posted promptly. Lastly, primary web pages and landing page content should be revised regularly as the business evolves.

SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation, entails a set of practices and actions to rank a website or its pages higher in search results. SEO capitalises on organic search, which means the clicks or views generated are not paid.

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, shares the objective of boosting a page’s visibility in search queries. However, it concentrates more on paid results, meaning the views or interactions recorded are paid for.

SEO and SEM are both potent marketing strategies and ideally should be synchronised for optimal outcomes.

It’s relatively subjective! If you’re a business owner, marketer, or entrepreneur, you can facilitate certain aspects of digital marketing without external help. An agency can be instrumental in formulating a compelling marketing strategy, leveraging expertise to yield better results, and appropriating investment smartly. However, resorting to outsourcing components or all of your marketing endeavours isn’t a prerequisite, particularly if you are eager to learn and hold relevant skills. You know your business, so a mix is often the most beneficial.

Ranking at the top of Google’s search results is a coveted goal of digital marketing. However, there are no shortcuts to get there. Moreover, various digital marketing strategies converge to increase a page’s visibility or ‘rank’ on search engines.

These strategies include keyword or phrase identification, keyword optimisation on web pages, improving the user experience on your site, directing traffic to your web page via external channels, creating valuable and shareable content, server speed, and using paid advertising to bypass other search results. Over time, strategic action should escalate your website’s visibility on Google’s search results whenever users search for your services, products, or content relevant to your business.

SEO content can take some time to show results. Therefore, you should allow a few months for the changes to take effect.

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