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  • Websites that offer an abundance of high quality, relevant content perform very well and give you a competitive edge in the market.
  • Our flexible & customised local Coffs Harbour copywriting services range from assisting you to optimise already existing content to writing entirely new content for you.

Existing Content Management

  • Our clients are unique, and we understand that a customised solution depending on the nature of your business works best to manage your website content.
  • We can organise & structure as well as maintain & update your information to keep it relevant, applicable & fresh.
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  • Everything we do regarding content management & content writing builds on our foundation of over a decade of experience in the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) business.
  • Great website content only makes sense if your target customers can find it easily on the web.
  • We will ensure that your business website is well positioned for searches relevant to your industry.

Regular New Content Writing

  • Feeding your website with fresh, engaging and relevant content provides a multitude of benefits for search engine rankings, customer engagement and your business image.
  • We offer low cost Website Management Plans that take care of regular content additions so you can focus on running your business.

Copywriting Is What We Do

We offer comprehensive website copywriting services for the Coffs Coast. Whether it is the management, updating & optimising of your existing content or the creation of engaging & relevant new texts we work with businesses of all types in Coffs Harbour & surrounds.







Client Feedback

Some articles from our Coffs Harbour-based copywriters

  • Landscape Photography: An Expressive Art

    Coffs Harbour is a landscape photography paradise. This is because Coffs offers an incredibly diverse range of landscapes in a relatively small area. First, we have beautiful beaches interspersed with dramatic headlands—next, lush pockets of rainforest, rambling creeks and crystal-clear swimming holes. Then, moving west, we see fertile pastureland. Lastly, ...
    14 October 2021 Steve Brambley My Coffs Harbour
  • How to Work Effectively With Tech Consultants

    Tech consultants work with clients to help them change the way they use technology. Essentially, contracting a tech consultant enables a firm to leverage the consultant’s specialist expertise quickly. In turn, this will provide rapid improvements. These improvements may include productivity, efficiency, and, ultimately, a better bottom line. However, business ...
    14 October 2021 Steve Brambley Blue Sky IT Consulting
  • Is It Time to Replace Your Aircon?

    Reverse-cycle aircon is a fantastic addition to any home and at any time of year. But in Coffs Harbour, when it’s both hot and humid, AC is a lifesaver. In fact, for some extreme days, aircon is considered a crucial part of any house, not just a luxury. However, even ...
    14 October 2021 Steve Brambley Sowter Electrical & Air Conditioning
  • How to Save On Landscaping Costs

    A landscape remodelling project can be expensive if you consider ‘hardscape’ additions such as stone walls, retaining walls, stone pathways and stone features. However, you should bear in mind that hardscape elements will provide decades of enjoyment. Nevertheless, there are ways to save on landscaping costs without compromising too much ...
    14 October 2021 Steve Brambley Solé Structural Landscapes
  • Create a Peaceful Outdoor Space with Landscaping

    Having a peaceful outdoor space to retreat to is the perfect antidote to everyday stress. Moreover, a well-designed outdoor area that reduces garden maintenance and provides seclusion is even better. And now, as summer approaches, is the perfect time to start forming a plan of action. So, start your project ...
    7 October 2021 Steve Brambley Solé Structural Landscapes
  • Teach Your Kids How To Be Green

    We live in a beautiful world. But, there’s little doubt it’s under pressure. Therefore, green living for kids is as important as it is for adults. An early appreciation and respect for the environment will improve their lives and help to provide a more sustainable future for the planet. As ...
    14 September 2021 Steve Brambley Elves In The Wardrobe
  • Stock Photos: What Works and What Doesn’t

    Stock photos provide a way to add images to your website or blog without producing them yourself. A quick search around the net will yield plenty of royalty-free images. If these don’t float your boat, then just buy a professionally produced image. Awesome right? Well, no. Not according to recent ...
    14 September 2021 Steve Brambley My Coffs Harbour
  • What is the White Stuff on My Pavers and Retaining Walls?

    Masonry and concrete industries have been battling with the scourge of the white stuff for centuries. It’s known as Efflorescence, and it’s been around ever since concrete was first used to build homes around 6500BC in Jordan and Syria. China used a form of concrete to construct the ancient Great ...
    14 September 2021 Steve Brambley Solé Structural Landscapes
  • Help, Mr Sowter! Why Is My Electric Bill So High?

    There’s no doubt rapidly increasing utility costs are contributing to high electricity bills. In fact, Australia has experienced a shocking rise in electricity over the last 20 years. As a result, we now have some of the most expensive electricity in the world! The good news is there are simple ...
    14 September 2021 Steve Brambley Sowter Electrical & Air Conditioning
  • The Benefits of an IT Assessment

    An IT assessment is an impartial assessment of your IT system by an independent company. The objective is to ensure that your system is operating optimally, securely and is compliant. Moreover, even if you have internal IT staff, bringing in independent system specialists makes sense. Our team at Blue Sky ...
    14 September 2021 Steve Brambley Blue Sky IT Consulting
  • Signs Your Property May Need Landscaping Work

    Spring has arrived on the Coffs Coast, and now’s the time to think about landscaping work on your property. Yes, landscaping means commitment, but it’s an investment that will pay dividends. A well-designed landscape makeover or complete change means getting the most out of your yard this summer. There are ...
    7 September 2021 Steve Brambley Solé Structural Landscapes
  • What is a Seat Wall?

    Standard retaining walls are a great way to reclaim sloped ground or create flat areas for patios and garden beds. Often, retaining walls are built close to a property to make the land immediately adjacent more usable. However, a fantastic way to double the value of a stone retaining wall ...
    14 August 2021 Steve Brambley Solé Structural Landscapes

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