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  • Websites that offer an abundance of high quality, relevant content perform very well and give you a competitive edge in the market.
  • Our flexible & customised local Coffs Harbour copywriting services range from assisting you to optimise already existing content to writing entirely new content for you.

Existing Content Management

  • Our clients are unique, and we understand that a customised solution depending on the nature of your business works best to manage your website content.
  • We can organise & structure as well as maintain & update your information to keep it relevant, applicable & fresh.
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  • Everything we do regarding content management & content writing builds on our foundation of over a decade of experience in the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) business.
  • Great website content only makes sense if your target customers can find it easily on the web.
  • We will ensure that your business website is well positioned for searches relevant to your industry.

Regular New Content Writing

  • Feeding your website with fresh, engaging and relevant content provides a multitude of benefits for search engine rankings, customer engagement and your business image.
  • We offer low cost Website Management Plans that take care of regular content additions so you can focus on running your business.

Copywriting Is What We Do

We offer comprehensive website copywriting services for the Coffs Coast. Whether it is the management, updating & optimising of your existing content or the creation of engaging & relevant new texts we work with businesses of all types in Coffs Harbour & surrounds.







Client Feedback

Some articles from our Coffs Harbour-based copywriters

  • Packing Up And Packing Light: Eco-Friendly Travel Tips For Families

    Most new parents will be familiar with the chaos that ensues when trying to get out of the house, even just going shopping. Nothing quite prepares you for the sheer amount of organisation involved with such a seemingly simple task with a new baby! However, in time, you’ll get the ...
    20 January 2022 Steve Brambley Elves In The Wardrobe
  • Hard Drive Stopped Working? Don’t Panic – We Can Help!

    Most modern offices are well prepared for hard drive failures. As such, they’ll usually have backup systems in place. These might include automated regular backups being sent to the cloud or to backup servers onsite. On the other hand, for smaller operations backing up data can be a little more ...
    20 January 2022 Steve Brambley Blue Sky IT Consulting
  • How to Use Natural Stone Feature Walls in Your Outdoor Space

    Natural stone feature walls add beauty, interest, and structure to your outdoor decór. Stone, above all else, adds a sense of timeless durability. Moreover, nothing else provokes such a deep visceral sensation as ancient stone. With this in mind, it’s worth taking the time to plan the location and design ...
    15 January 2022 Steve Brambley Solé Structural Landscapes
  • Mastering Authentic Stonework Design Creates Life Lessons

    Becoming an authentic stonework designer is a challenging but satisfying journey. Like any trade or skill that’s tough to master, doing so provides many rewards. Furthermore, these rewards become life lessons that can be applied to all kinds of challenging situations. When we talk about traditional stonework, we mean working ...
    11 January 2022 Steve Brambley Solé Structural Landscapes
  • What Does a Structural Landscaping Professional Do?

    Landscaping is a broad term that refers to work which designs and creates residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Structural landscaping is a little more specialised. Essentially, the job of a structural landscaping professional refers to the heavy stuff. So, moving earth and creating structures. Examples include stone retaining walls, creating ...
    14 December 2021 Steve Brambley Solé Structural Landscapes
  • Vital Computer Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Device

    For most modern businesses, their computer system represents a hefty investment. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep that investment running smoothly and securely for as long as possible. Usually, a PC will last between three and five years with regular computer servicing. Computer servicing includes regular cleaning, hard-drive updates and virus ...
    14 December 2021 Steve Brambley Blue Sky IT Consulting
  • Why Buy Sustainable Clothes for Kids?

    Sustainable is a word we hear every day. But how does it apply to kids’ clothes, and why is it beneficial? Essentially, buying sustainable products means minimising the impact of production on the environment and creating a fairer system. For fabrics, this means environmentally-friendly growth and manufacturing and the proper ...
    14 December 2021 Steve Brambley Elves In The Wardrobe
  • Unique Landscaping Ideas

    Are you tired of looking out across a bland-looking garden? Perhaps you’ve bought a new house, and all you have now is a flat patch of grass or dirt? It’s not easy to know where to start. After all, just planting around the edges and following the fence line is ...
    9 December 2021 Steve Brambley Solé Structural Landscapes
  • I Need To Fix My Hot Water System

    Generally, hot water systems are reliable and durable. In fact, the humble hot water system can last up to 20 years. Continuous flow gas-fired systems last the longest, up to 20 years, while electric hot water systems last between 8 and 12 years. Essentially, the warranty period will give you ...
    14 November 2021 Steve Brambley Sowter Electrical & Air Conditioning
  • Don’t Panic! – Basic Troubleshooting Techniques

    ‘Don’t panic’ is an appropriate first rule for computer diagnostics. Sure, we’re all familiar with that stone-cold sinking feeling you get if your screen goes blank or the system freezes up. But, panicking and stabbing wildly at the keyboard seldom yields good results. Also, you must resist the temptation to ...
    14 November 2021 Steve Brambley Blue Sky IT Consulting
  • Why Invest in Stock Photography for Marketing?

    Anyone can take a picture. Moreover, we’re all walking around with a good camera too. In fact, the younger generation seem to document everything with their phone cameras. ‘It’s on Insta, or it didn’t happen’ appears to be the decree. However, whereas everyone can take a photo, not every photo ...
    14 November 2021 Steve Brambley My Coffs Harbour
  • 6 Special Christmas Gifts To Make Your Kids Smile

    Well, folks, Christmas is fast approaching. Are you ready? No? Me neither! There’s no doubt, Christmas is both a wonderful and stressful time for busy parents with little ones. Obviously, we want them to have the best Christmas, but we don’t want to overdo the treats and disposable stuff either. ...
    14 November 2021 Steve Brambley Elves In The Wardrobe

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Don’t Let Competitors Steal Your Copyright

Don’t Let Competitors Steal Your Copyright

It doesn’t take a computer genius to steal content from another website. In fact, ‘cut and paste’ is all you need to know. So, how do you protect all your hard work from being stolen and plagiarised? Well, it’s difficult, perhaps impossible. Fortunately, though, there are a few powerful ways…