Website Security

How To Improve WordPress Security

How To Improve WordPress Security

Each year in Australia, thousands of businesses become victims of data breaches from hackers and malicious employees. Most of these breaches affect small businesses. But, occasionally though, large companies take a big hit. A recent report from the ACSC reveals the full extent of the threat to Australian businesses. Of…
Increasing Security After Website Recovery In Coffs Harbour

Website Recovery Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour based Website Recovery Website Recovery & Restoration In the unfortunate event of a website being compromised or destroyed by a hacker or if unforeseen data loss occurs, we can restore the integrity of your site and recover your content. Because every scenario is different, we provide custom quotes…
Website Back-Up Solution

Back-Up, Back-Up, Back-Up!

A reliable back-up solution for your website is crucial for various reasons. It might be as simple as making changes to your website, and then you, later on, decide that you would like to revert to a previous version. It might be that for whatever reason your website gets hacked…
SSL Certificate for Professional Website Management Plan Clients

Upgrade To SSL Complete

SSL for our Professional Website Mangement Plan Clients We are proud to announce that we have completed the upgrade of all our Professional Website Management Plan clients’ websites to run securely over https:// via shiny new SSL Certificates. The three major advantages of an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate are:…