Web Hosting

Secure Your New .au Domain!

Exciting news! The domain authorities are releasing a new top-level domain ending .au on the 24th March 2022. In fact, pre-registration starts at the beginning of March. Fortunately, if you own a .com.au or .net.au web address, you will automatically have priority choice for the first six months from the…


What Is Web Hosting?

Put simply, web hosting means providing space on a server located within a data centre. Some data centres are immense. For instance, check out the incredible Google data centres here. They really are a miracle of cutting-edge technology on a grand scale. Apparently, each Google search performed uses enough energy…

Web Hosting Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Web Hosting at its Finest Unrestricted Hosting There are no hidden costs as we offer unlimited data transfer volume & virtually unlimited data storage for your Coffs Coast business website. Server monitoring and continuous security updates are also included at no additional cost. Easy & Affordable Hosting We…

Upgrade To SSL Complete

SSL for our Professional Website Mangement Plan Clients We are proud to announce that we have completed the upgrade of all our Professional Website Management Plan clients’ websites to run securely over https:// via shiny new SSL Certificates. The three major advantages of an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate are:…