Essential User-Interface - UI - Design Tips

Essential User-Interface (UI) Design Tips

A website is more than a collection of pages stitched together with links. It’s also a User Interface (UI). As such, the UI design focuses on the user’s visual journey as they move through your website. This journey or interaction creates an experience for the visitor. Therefore, the website designer’s…
Is Your Website Stuck In the 90s - Website Overhaul

Is Your Website Stuck In The 90s?

The ’90s was a decade of exciting changes. Above all, we saw the rise of an intriguing concept called the ‘Information Superhighway’ or World Wide Web as it later became known. In conjunction, the personal computer became increasingly accessible. Mobile games consoles, such as Gameboy, began proliferating, each with continually…
Web Design Terms Explained

Web Design Terms Explained

It’s true to say that web design terms are gradually seeping into the general consciousness. But these things take time – after all, it’s been less than three decades since the World Wide Web was conceived. For some, this whole internet thing is still a bit of a culture shock.…
10 Lesser Known Facts About A Web Designer

10 Lesser Known Facts About Web Designers

A web designer is an expert in HTML, CSS, SEO, graphic design and website usability. They don’t just create websites; they create art. Web designers take the ideas of their clients and transform them into stylish, eye-catching, perfectly working sites. They do all this while following strict coding principles. 10…
Web Design Online Tools & Resources - Part 2

Web Design Online Tools & Resources: Part 2

This article which is the second instalment in the series ‘Web Design Online Tools and Resources’ will focus on free resources that could give your website a professional edge over your competitors – in both appearance and function. Clever web design involves more than just colour, images, fonts and layout…

Retro Polaroids of Coffs Harbour Multimedia Designer Ralph Stulgies Part 1

Reflections Of A Multimedia Creator – Part 1

Being creative and working with multimedia has always been a passion of mine throughout my life. Here is the first instalment of a 3-part series which is a retrospective account of the ten most memorable highlights over the past three decades. 1986 – Creating Audio Plays with a Voice Recorder…