Don’t Let Competitors Steal Your Copyright

Don’t Let Competitors Steal Your Copyright

It doesn’t take a computer genius to steal content from another website. In fact, ‘cut and paste’ is all you need to know. So, how do you protect all your hard work from being stolen and plagiarised? Well, it’s difficult, perhaps impossible. Fortunately, though, there are a few powerful ways…
SEO Basics - How To Use Headings On Your Site

SEO Basics – How To Use Headings On Your Site

Simply put, headings help search engines and users navigate and understand your content. As such, they show readers the important subjects and provide a logical structure. In this article, we’ll look at how you can use headings to improve your content. Why use Headings? Headings let readers know what’s coming…
Is Your Website Content Doing Its Job

Is Your Website Content Doing Its Job?

To answer that question properly, you need to know what you can expect from your website content. The thing is, the Google algorithm is a fickle beast. It has preferences for the way website content is written, structured and presented. The algorithm doesn’t particularly care if you’ve just won the…
What is an effective SEO Strategy?

What Is An Effective SEO Strategy?

An effective SEO strategy is a complex subject. It involves so many elements such as website content, website coding and structure, website graphics and website marketing. The objective of SEO is to hone all of these elements into a perfect package that will achieve the best possible search engine ranking…
SEO Copywriting – A Guide

SEO Copywriting – A Guide

So, you’ve got yourself a shiny new website. The product pictures look great and the logo really pops. Great, you’re on your way. Now what’s all this about SEO copywriting? Is it important or have you spent enough time and money already? The answer is simple – SEO Copywriting is…
Consider Clever Content Marketing

Consider Clever Content Marketing

In an online world where we’re bombarded with adverts, content marketing is the soft-sell approach to sales. It works because you exchange quality information for interest in your business. The trick though, is that it has to be either credible information or at least a good read. Both will foster…
Affordable Coffs Harbour Website Packages

Truly Affordable Coffs Harbour Website Packages

All businesses are unique. Therefore we have created two exceptional fixed-cost Coffs Harbour Website Packages. The All-Inclusive Website Package This is a well-rounded Coffs Harbour website package that suits most medium to large businesses. While you provide the content with our assistance, it includes everything that is needed to create…
Web Design Online Tools & Resources - Part 1

Web Design Online Tools & Resources: Part 1

A Website Designer uses many online tools and resources to develop secure, functional and aesthetic websites. There are helpful resources available for all elements of web design, including resources to protect your site and its content. These can also be used as your site evolves to maintain a successful and…

Creating SEO Optimised Copywriting In Coffs Harbour

Copywriting Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Copywriting at its Finest Initial Copywriting Websites that offer an abundance of high quality, relevant content perform very well and give you a competitive edge in the market. Our flexible & customised local Coffs Harbour copywriting services range from assisting you to optimise already existing content to writing…