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Some Simple Steps For A Solid SEO Strategy

Key Words A little research into your target market can go a long way with your SEO strategy. Take a look at what your potential clients would be searching when looking for a product or service your company provides. Let’s say they are looking for a local business; they may…

Dispelling Common Search Engine Optimisation Myths

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can have a massive impact. Getting it right can make a huge difference to your business website’s success. Below are five myths about SEO debunked. Search Engine Optimisation Is A One-Off Thing Oftentimes people mistakenly think search engine optimisation is something that they setup once and…

5 Ideas For Better Website Design

Is your website design working for your business? You want your online presence to instantly communicate the services or products you offer. Likewise, the reasons why your company is the better choice for your online customers need to be clear. Your website’s design should be professional, simple to navigate and…

Handy Tips For Working With A Website Designer

A lot of businesses don’t start with ideal websites. Usually, its done by a friend of a friend, the guy who knows another guy who made a site for his brother. But there is a point where every business needs a professional online presence. Sometimes commissioning a website is not…

Improve Rankings For Your Website

The search engine optimisation (SEO) landscape and therefore the quest to improve rankings is changing. In the past, you could reach the number one spot by using your target term or keyword repeatedly on your site. As a result, web designers began taking advantage of this effect and used ‘keyword…

Web Design Online Tools & Resources: Part 3 – The Wayback Machine

The biggest public archive of the internet, the Wayback Machine, also known as the Internet Archive ( ) is an almost complete collection of web pages of the entire world wide web over time. Best of all, it is entirely free. In this article, we talk about how you can use the Wayback Machine, which is one of the most underrated online tools, and how it can be fun, informative & very handy to all of us.


10 Lesser Known Facts About Web Designers

A web designer is an expert in HTML, CSS, SEO, graphic design and website usability. They don’t just create websites; they create art. Web designers take the ideas of their clients and transform them into stylish, eye-catching, perfectly working sites. They do all this while following strict coding principles. 10…