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Web Design Online Tools & Resources: Part 2

This article which is the second instalment in the series ‘Web Design Online Tools and Resources’ will focus on free resources that could give your website a professional edge over your competitors – in both appearance and function. Clever web design involves more than just colour, images, fonts and layout…


Web Design Online Tools & Resources: Part 1

A Website Designer uses many online tools and resources to develop secure, functional and aesthetic websites. There are helpful resources available for all elements of web design, including resources to protect your site and its content. These can also be used as your site evolves to maintain a successful and…


An Insight Into Google’s ‘Rankbrain’ Algorithm

Google has a series of algorithms used to crawl through the web to monitor the quality of websites to provide the best search results for users. These algorithms fall under the umbrella of ‘Hummingbird’ and have specific roles in sorting and then ranking. Rankbrain is one of these algorithms and…

Web Design Trends: Are You Up To Date?

When designing a website, the goal is to provide high quality, informative content which is displayed in a manner that is both user-friendly and aesthetically interesting. The web design trends outlined below incorporate ways to highlight content as well as engage and entertain users with the aim of converting them…

Coffs Web Design In 4 Simple Steps

F1RST, Coffs Web Design specialists, use a 4-step process. This process has been tried and tested and proven to be the most efficient way to achieve a quality, functional web design. 1. Information Gathering and Web Design Analysis The focus of this phase is to learn about the client’s needs…

WordPress: A Wise Choice For Your Business Website

WordPress CMS (Content Management System) started as a blogging platform over 15 years ago. Over the years WordPress has evolved and now runs 25% of the top 10 million websites worldwide. The secret to WordPress’ success and growth is its flexibility and versatility. It is now used for all types…